The Top 10 Best Chucky Dolls for Sale

The Top 10 Best Chucky Dolls for Sale

The Top 10 Best Chucky Dolls for Sale

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Chucky is described for being a notorious merciless murderer whom spirit inhabits a Good Guy doll and continuously attempts to transmit his soul soul to a human body from being a doll. Known to be an epitome of nightmare.  For a terrible, frightening face of a doll, for sure you would not wish to finish up staying in a bad dream throughout life.

“Chucky” a name that makes everyone’s skin crawl. A number of years have gone by since the entire “Being Terrified of Chucky Phase”. However, despite of this, Chucky is adorable and cuddly as ever. Ever thought about how cool it really is to in fact own the “Good Guy” doll? It will make a great collectible, Halloween style or perhaps a wonderful surprise for every single Child’s Play fanatic. There’s a lot of Chucky doll for sale online and we’ll share with you our list. Here, we’ll give you The Top 10 Best Chucky Dolls for Sale that i’m sure you would truly love and collect.

The Top 10 Best Chucky Dolls for Sale

Bride of Chucky by Childs Play


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A plush doll with plastic head Good Guy emblazoned along the chest and certainly worn with his cutest stripy shirt, this frightening kid along with a killer smile is holding his much loved toy…his own knife!

Chucky Talking Doll


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This amazing 15-Inch Talking Chucky Doll features him in his Good Guys doll blue overalls, as well as rainbow-colored long sleeve undershirt. This Chucky incorporates a brutal appearance which will be carrying fear to any person who dares to place an eye on him!

Chucky Doll by Mezco Toyz


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This Chucky doll for sale comes with realistic fabric Good Guys outfit, his trademark orange hair, exquisite glass-like eyes, as well as a knife that he is certain in making use of no good!

Chucky Doll in Mint Box


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Another Chucky doll for sale collection from Mezco. This is a Collector’s 2012 Living Dead Dolls Childs Play.

Chucky Plush Doll


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This is Chucky the Murdering Doll in cute, creepy but cuddly adorable Plush figure, again created by Mezco Toyz.

Bride of Chucky Memorabilia by Universal


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This is definitely a plush doll which have a vinyl plastic type head as well as handsthe hands and shoes with a knife.

Chucky Voodoo Doll


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A cute, adorable highly detailed handmade Chucky string doll. You can make this as a key chain design, clippings for cellphone and purse as well as making this as a beautiful ornament. For more interesting Voodoo Revenge Dolls check here.

 Chucky Plush Vinyl Doll


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This Chucky doll for sale is about 13 inches tall, and more than that arises from one among his later terror movies. He has his head partly bald, and displayed stitches, wounds and usually unpleasant marks. Head is made from vinyl, body is fabric stuffed. He’s dressing his trademarked dark blue overalls, however there are different patterns printed on the overalls. His t-shirt is multiple colored stripes.

 Chucky Doll by Spencers


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An adorable, cuddly, cute Chucky doll for sale by Spencers. Just like any other Chucky dolls, he also wear his trademark clothing, however, his face is not as creepy to look at like the other Chucky dolls.

 Bride of Chucky Collectors Memorabilia by Mezco


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This is Chucky’s collector’s item. Collect the entire collection of this Chucky memorabilia.


There you have it, The Top 10 Best Chucky Dolls for Sale. There are a lot of lovable, cute dolls out in the market, but having one of this creepiest doll would surely be something that a doll collector would love to have. Chucky may be one of the notorious criminal in any horror movies, but you can’t deny the lovable, cuddly side of him. He may not be good as it seems like in the movie but he has something that everyone loves to have, he is still a doll. A lot of doll enthusiasts loves Chucky Doll. How about you? Try collecting these Chucky Dolls and it may become the creepiest collection that anyone could have!

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