Tiffany Doll Types, Background, Reviews & Where to Buy

Tiffany Doll Types, Background, Reviews & Where to Buy

Tiffany Doll Types, Background, Reviews & Where to Buy

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The Bride of Chucky: Collecting Tiffany Dolls

If you’re familiar with the Child’s Play franchise, then you’re sure to also be well acquainted with his wife —Tiffany. Also known as The Bride of Chucky, Tiffany’s past was featured on this 1998 film which opened with a scene where Tiffany was trying to get Chucky’s remains from the police. Having been able to successfully do so, the rest was history. Talk about tough love, she bore a child at the end of the first movie as well.

For those wanting to have their own Tiffany doll, here are a few online dolls we found:

1.  Bride Of Chucky: Tiffany


Originally posted by Back To The Past

Featuring the official merchandise tie-in of the Bride of Chucky: the Tiffany Doll! She’s in her wearing dress, donning the scene where she got married to Chucky and became a full-pledged killer doll. It’s better to purchase mint condition dolls for your collection, and luckily, there are still a number of these online on ebay.


2.  Custom-made Tiffany Doll


We found this and thought that this is a good version of Tiffany, if ever she was given an up do and a more detailed dress. Look at the detail of the dress, the empire cut top, and that fierce eye make-up!


3.  Not-so-Grim Tiffany


We consider this a “rare” one, and would you know why? The Tiffany doll as actually smiling! Still featured in her signature wedding dress, and topped with a black biker jacket, it’s a good one to add to your grim collection of Chucky merchandise.


4.  Tiffany In All White Wedding Dress


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However, if you’re the type who really prefers a more ethereal look for Tiffany, if the thought was even possible to comprehend, this is a doll in all white. She actually looks very serene, and not a killer at all!


5.  Made Up Tiffany


Originally posted by BigBadToyStore

The crooked neck, those darting eyes and the way her fingers are molded —a real spook! Now, this one has attitude. Attention to detail of the maker is great! Just look at the way her hair is done. A good adaptation from the movie.


6.  Talking Tiffany Doll


Originally posted by Amazon

What’s different about this one? It’s a talking doll. This Tiffany doll will live up to your expectations, if you want to relive the horror from the movie.


7.  Tiffany Doll Plush


Originally posted by Ebay

Though not that appealing, this is a plushie Tiffany doll. The face is still made out of plastic, but the body and other parts are made from soft fluff and cotton.


8.  Bride Of Chucky Tie-in Tiffany Plush


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Similar to the previous one, this Tiffany doll looks great with the attitude and the flailing hair. We are quite drawn to the face expression and make-up, her helix piercing, as well as to the tilted head pose.


If you want to relive some moments of Chucky with Tiffany, here are two clips:



Whether you’re a big fan of the franchise, or just want to have a different kind of doll to purchase for a birthday present or wish, Tiffany dolls are a good choice especially if you like everything creepy and horrific. For more reviews, check this out on the best resistance band reviews. Check out the most recent installment and see Tiffany come back to life —in human form!

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