Pregnant Barbie & More | The Top 15 Most Interesting Barbie’s Ever

Pregnant Barbie & More | The Top 15 Most Interesting Barbie’s Ever

Pregnant Barbie & More | The Top 15 Most Interesting Barbie’s Ever

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The Strangest and Most Interesting Barbie Dolls Ever

Barbie is a fashion doll manufactured by the American toy company Mattel, Inc.  It was launched in 1959. Ruth Handler is credited with the creation of the doll, taking inspiration from German doll called Bild Lilli. Barbie has been an important part of the toy fashion doll market for over fifty years.

There’s an interesting story behind the creation of Barbie. Ruth Handler watched her daughter Barbara play with paper dolls, and noticed that she often enjoyed giving them adult roles. At that time, most children’s toy dolls were representations of infants. Realizing that there could be a gap in the market, Handler suggested the idea of an adult-bodied doll to her husband Elliot, a co-founder of Mattel. During a visit to Germany with her children, Ruth came across German doll Bild Lilli, from which she got inspired to create Barbie. Barbie has become a cultural icon and has been given honors that are rare in the toy world. In 2009, Barbie celebrated her 50th birthday.

In its Barbie has been a subject of numerous controversies and lawsuits, often involving parody of the doll and her lifestyle. In this article, we have prepared a list of some of the weirdest, strange and interesting creations of Barbie doll. One such doll which pops our mind when we think of such creation is the Pregnant Barbie launched by Mattel. The list contains many more creations in addition to Pregnant Barbie which you would find weird, strange and interesting.

15 Most Interesting Barbie Dolls

Pregnant Barbie


Barbie was a doll who had it all. So, Mattel decided it was time for her to have a family and decided to introduce Pregnant Barbie named Midge. Pregnant Barbie was given a magnetic belly with a little plastic baby inside. When little girls felt it was time for Pregnant Barbie to deliver, they could pull the baby out themselves, that’s gross. Unfortunately for Mattel, fans argued that Pregnant Barbie wasn’t the best idea and the whole concept of making it real was too weird. As expected, Pregnant Barbie was taken off the market. Pregnant Barbie was considered as one of the weirdest Barbie ever made.


Working Mother Pregnant Barbie


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Another weird Barbie on the list is Turleen- A Working Mother Pregnant Barbie. This Barbie came with an additional feature. Just push the belly button on the doll and Turleen starts trash talking and shares some word of wisdom which would make any family proud.


De Beers Barbie

Pregnant Barbie De Beers

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One of the world’s most expensive Barbie doll was designed by De Beers. It’s dressed in an evening gown decorated with 160 diamonds and has complimentary gold jewelry and accessories. The doll was created to mark the 40th anniversary in 1999 and it was retailed at $85,000.


Wheelchair Barbie

Pregnant Barbie Wheelchair

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In 1997, Mattel introduced Barbie’s friend Becky, who was wheelchair bound. Becky had its fair share of fans. It was a great idea until a teenager with cerebral palsy pointed out that Becky and her wheelchair would not fit in Barbie’s dream house.


Oreo Barbie

Pregnant Barbie Oreo

Another weird release from Mattel was the Oreo Barbie, a cross promotion with Nabisco. It created a lot of controversy in the African-American community as “Oreo” is sometimes used as a derogatory term to belittle someone for seeming “black on the outside and white on the inside”. They were pulled out of the shelves.


Fat Barbie

Pregnant Barbie Fat

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Another weird Barbie is the Fat Barbie, which was created for an ad for the Active Life Movement. They used iconic kid toys to get their tagline out to the parents: “Keep obesity away from your child”.


Growing Up Skipper

Pregnant Barbie Skipper

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Mattel introduced Skipper as Barbie’s little sister in 1975. The Growing Up Skipper doll would gain an inch of height and grow bust when you turned her arm. Unsurprisingly, this doll was not accepted and had to be pulled out of the shelves.


Pooper Scooper Barbie

Pregnant Barbie Pooper Scooper

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To keep the weird list going, Mattel came up with the Pooper Scooper Barbie. In this version of the doll, Barbie was given a dog so she has a companion when Ken is not around. And this doggy came with its own doggie poop which Barbie had to make sure to scoop when taking a walk. This doll was pulled out of the shelves as people considered the doggie poop to be a choking hazard.


Grandma Barbie


Although many believe that Barbie is ageless, Mattel realized that she has to get old sometime. So they came up with Grandma Barbie and Grandpa Ken. They added them to their Happy Family collection.


Star Trek Barbie

In 1996, Mattel marked the 30th anniversary of Star Trek by releasing the Star Trek Barbie and Ken. We agree, it’s not the strangest Barbie ever made, but it’s definitely an interesting one to be mentioned. In 2009, Mattel came up with Dr. Spock, Captain Kirk, and Lt. Uhura dolls.


Drag Queen Barbie

Mattel’s affectionately dubbed “Drag Queen” Barbie was made to resemble her cross-dressing designer, Phillipe Blond. She comes complete with a mini dress, a full-length faux fur and a heavily made up face.


McDonald’s Barbie

Another strange creation from Mattel is the McDonald Barbie. The background story for this creation goes something like this. After failing 9th grade algebra twelve times, Barbie drops out of high school. Barbie’s friend cousin, who’s a nightshift manager at McDonalds, gets her a part-time job working at the grill.


“The Birds” Barbie

In 2008, to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”, Mattel released a Barbie doll, designed to look like the character of Melanie Daniels from the movie. She wears green suit styled straight from the movie and comes with fake and removable menacing birds attacking her head and shoulders.


Video Girl Barbie

One of the strangest and weirdest Barbie to be released by Mattel is the Video Girl Barbie. The doll came with a message “I am a real working video camera”. When Mattel released this Barbie, FBI immediately came up with a warning that the doll can be used to make inappropriate videos.


Slumber Party Barbie

In 1965, Mattel came up with Slumber Party Barbie. The background story for this doll goes like this: Barbie begins dieting after reading New York’s bestselling book Don’t Eat! This doll came with an actual book on dieting. Well, too bad Mattel didn’t realize that not eating only works as a diet when you’re made of synthetic materials.


Creations Gone Wrong

We take it that by now you must have gone through the list and read about these different creations of Barbie dolls gone wrong. Since its launch Barbie has achieved great heights. There was a time when all kids wanted Barbie in their toy collection. People were so in love with this doll, they always expected more. To be fair to the makers, they always tried to meet the expectations of their fans and created newer models of the doll with a well matched background story. But sometimes the creations backfired. Seriously, what were they thinking when they made Pregnant Barbie, Morganite Engagement Ring Barbie or say Working Mother Pregnant Barbie. The idea of pulling a baby out from the belly is disgusting enough. Well, we have best presented you this weird list of Barbie dolls. Hope you like the article and we would welcome you to share your thoughts with us and also any suggestions on which weird or strange Barbie is interesting enough to make the list.

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