My Buddy Doll Background & History, Types, Pictures & Videos

My Buddy Doll Background & History, Types, Pictures & Videos

My Buddy Doll Background & History, Types, Pictures & Videos

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My Buddy: Dolls for Boys

If you’re a kid from the 80’s, you’ve probably heard about the My Buddy Doll. It’s a doll line that features a young boy named Buddy, wearing a red jumpsuit and striped longsleeves.

Now what’s interesting about it is that it was primarily intended for young boys. The idea appeared quite puzzling, as dolls are commonly associated with litte girls instead. As response to that, a Kid Sister line later on followed production.

In 1985, the first doll came out under Hasbro with removable clothes to enable more inter-play. However when 1990s hit, they discontinued making My Buddy dolls. It was later picked by Playskool, making the change of sewing the clothes on the doll itself to cut off costs.

There are a total of 3 types of My Buddy dolls that came out:

1.  Brunette Version


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The Brunette My Buddy doll serves as the signature look of the line. Included was a red baseball cap, brown hair, longsleeved shirt, red overalls, and blue shoes.


2.  Blonde Version


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This version is of the doll is more distinct than the other two. It has blonde hair, longsleeved shirt, blue overalls with logo, and white and blue striped shoes.


3.  African American Version


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This features of this special edition doll is same as what the brunette version came with.


All types has almost entirely the same facial structure: blue or brown eyes, freckles, and a smiling persona.

Here are a couple of commercials of the My Buddy doll lines. The videos were played along a theme song with a little boy’s voice and a catchy tune. The lyrics played on the idea of having a buddy around to play with and to go on different kind of adventures!

My Buddy Doll commercial under Playskool

Missing that My Buddy Doll song you used to hear when you were younger? We’ve found the classic commercial where he’s riding a scooter! You surely would have a blast down memory lane listening to this.


My Buddy Doll and Kid Sister under Playskool

A somewhat extended clip of the previous one, this video includes the Kid Sister doll. This point started the simultaneous promotion of both dolls in the market. The girls absolutely loved her!

With the eventual popularity of Chucky and the similarities it has with the My Buddy doll, a lot of people have gotten the idea of associating the Chucky film with the My Buddy doll line. With the doll-turned-killer plot of the movie, it didn’t appear appealing to children. The company, however, said that no relation existed. Well, it really could just have been the distinct similarities.

The creation of My Buddy was to reach little boys who possibly liked the idea of having dolls specially designed for them. In one way or another, the doll line performed well and was positively received. We surely do love the catchy theme song that came with it. My Buddy— definitely a gem on its own!

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